01 de juny 2006

Is Catalonia a free land?

Concerning to the legality and democracy, the main thing of those are, without doubt the rights of the minorities.
In the United States and with Democracy there was slaves, and women couldn't vote. Those things shows the lack of democracy of those times in the United States but there was a democracy of a majority.

And now Spain have lacks of democracy. When a parliament, legally elected by Catalonia people, with an agreement of 90%, claims for a new relation with the majority, that is the central state, we hope that few modifications, if any, of that claim must be redesigned by the state parliament (Madrid).

And that's not Spanish case. Catalonia claims are, besides other things, related to money. That means that Catalonia will have less solidarity with the rest of the State? We can think that, but who are the Catalonia's income owners? that's the key, now catalonia's taxes belongs to the Central State.

And because of the level of Spanish economy Catalonia pays more than receives, but in levels that stop the grow of Catalonia. If Catalonia was a Deutsche Lander, the income was collected by himself and then solidarity was negociated with the others Landers and this is federalism and democracy, clear and fair. That's not Catalonia's actual state. Catalonia is like a colony but with lacks of democracy, and a not real federalism.

Comunist says: "give people what they need, despite what they work". In Spain we have a worse than comunism rule: "give people because of what they vote, despite what they work". Taxes are collected in Madrid and no clear rule of redistribution can be known nor published by central state. Until today, redistribution of last 25 years don't have official numbers.

So, I declare on Internet: Catalonia is not a free land.